Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Vol. 11, Issue No. 2, December 2022

Discipline: Multidisciplinary Studies

Publisher: Misamis University

ISSN 2350-7020 (Print)
ISSN 2362-9436 (Online)


Numerical Symbols as Paradigm of Intracultural Trace Element of Relationship in Between Ifá and Ayȯ-Olȯpȯn among the Yoruba of South-West in Nigeria: A Comparative Symbolic Analysis

Oluwole Tewogboye Okewande

Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

Ifá, the deity of wisdom and divination, and ayȯ-olȯpȯn- indigenous board game are indigenous Yoruba cultural elements with international nomenclatures. However, despite the global cultural recognition of Ifá and ayȯ olȯpȯn, no research is known to the author that either accounts for the symbolism of ayȯ olȯpȯn numerology or relate Ifá numerology to ayȯ olȯpȯn. Therefore, the objective of the study is to establish Ifa and ayȯ-olȯpȯn memes. The study makes use of literary texts, Ifá literary corpus, and ayȯ olȯpȯn texts and the author's observation and analyzed with symbolism, a semiotic mode, where a symbol represents something, or somebody in one or more capacities is adopted because Ifá system operates around symbolism. It is found that there are nexus numbers around geometric progression and indices in ratios 4 and 5, in between ayȯ olȯpȯn and Ifá training numerology around pre-initiation, initiation, and post- initiation stages, Yoruba divinities, and calendars. The study concludes that ayȯ olȯpȯn and Ifá numerology are memes.

Keywords :   cultural element, indigenous board game, memes, numerology, symbolism

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