Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Vol. 11, Issue No. 2, December 2022

Discipline: Multidisciplinary Studies

Publisher: Misamis University

ISSN 2350-7020 (Print)
ISSN 2362-9436 (Online)


Status of Living: Challenges Encountered by the Immediate Family of Patriarch Inmates

1Eric A. Ebueza and 12Junvil A. Insong

1Graduate School, Misamis University, Ozamiz City, Philippines
2College of Criminology, Misamis University, Ozamiz City, Philippines
Corresponding author: Junvil A. Insong, email:

Imprisonment of any family member affects the lives of the immediate members, especially if it is the head of the father who is convicted, leaving other members in pain because of the situation. This study determined the challenges encountered by the family members of the patriarch inmates in Iligan City, Philippines, during the first quarter of 2021. The study utilized the phenomenological research design. Ten identified family members composed the number of participants interviewed using a structured interview guide made by the researcher. The study utilized Moustaka’s Transcendental Analysis in analyzing the data. Responses to the interview were analyzed utilizing NVivo software producing the four main themes: striving for sustenance and survival; financial and moral drawbacks; emotional grief; and annoying unsolicited public opinions towards the situation. These identified challenges encountered by the family members may serve as a benchmark for the concerned government agency in crafting programs that will help the family members of the patriarch inmates. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the support system of the concerned government agency towards the family members of the patriarch inmates. Furthermore, since most of the challenges the family members encounter is more focused on the emotional aspect of their lives, the social welfare department may strengthen their programs in supporting these families through effective evaluation of the situation for them to craft appropriate counseling techniques for these identified families.

Keywords :   emotional grief, imprisonment, moral drawbacks, striving for sustenance, unsolicited public opinions

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