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Consumption and Expenditure Patterns of Plantain-Based Foods in Rural and Urban Areas in Kwara State, Nigeria
Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde, Cladius Omoleye Daramola, Jubril Olayinka Animashaun, Waliyat Olaide Oloyede

Nigeria is one of the largest plantain-producing countries in the world. Plantain consumption has risen in Nigeria in recent years because of the increasing urbanization and the great demand for easy and convenient foods by the non- farming urban populations. The study analyzed the consumption and expenditure patterns of plantain-based foods in Kwara State, Nigeria. Primary and secondary data were utilized in the study. The analytical techniques employed include descriptive statistics and Poisson regression model. Primary data were collected with the use of well-structured questionnaire from 120 respondents. Majority of respondents in urban area were civil servants and majority of the respondents in the rural area were farmers. The study also revealed that a higher percentage of urban respondents is aware of the nutritive value of plantain while majority of the rural respondents are not aware. Majority of plantains, however, were not domestically consumed, but instead sold for cash due to their relatively high market price thereby making the consumption of plantains high in urban areas. The regression analysis revealed that occupation of household head and the combination of plantain with other foods are the significant variables. The findings on the consumption and expenditure patterns of plantain are essential input to improve its production in Nigeria.

KEYWORDS: cash, market, nutritive, occupation, urbanization
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