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Assessment of Ro-Ro Transportation Services in Ozamiz City, Philippines
Clifford M. Liwagon1 , Alvin L. Balongoy1 , Deofre A. Maraviles1 , Eleazer John J. Gavenia II1 , Jeffrey Luis G. Sulay1 , Mark Jason D. Basalo1 , Roman M. Balungag III1 , Arturo A. Genon 1 , Marie Rosellynn C. Enguito2

Ozamiz City is regarded as the center of commerce and transportation. The Ro-Ro ferries in the city allow people to cross the Panguil Bay and transport cargoes to other areas in Northern Mindanao and vice versa. With the five Ro-Ro ferries that sail in Ozamiz-Mukas route, it is paramount to assess the services that these ferries provide to passengers. This study aimed to assess the Ro-Ro transportation services in Ozamiz City. A questionnaire that passed the Cronbach’s alpha test for reliability was administered to 200 adult passengers. The overall findings revealed that the Ro-Ro services with regards to adequacy, sailing schedule, and speed, assistance and accessibility, reliability, safety and security, functionality, information and availability, and accommodation are good. However, specific services such as accessibility and cleanliness of toilets, the functionality of walk through metal detectors, and accessibility of ferry information online are only average. The departure and arrival time of Ro-Ro in the port was rated good but delays in the transport of trucks with cargo occur. The findings of this study may provide input for the shipping management and the Philippine Ports Authority for continuous service improvement to strengthen further the maritime transport system.

KEYWORDS: ferries, maritime, passengers, safety, shipping
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