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Detection of Salmonella Bacteria in Raw Chicken Meat Retailed at Ozamiz City Public Market
Jamila Belle P. Recto, Karen Joy A. Cabatic, Girly A. Chua, Adelaida A. Manamparan, Kissha Claudette B. Jalalon, Jofimae Marie G. Romero

Salmonella bacteria are among the major foodborne pathogens. Poultry products never cease to appear in the incidence of Salmonella infection worldwide. In Ozamiz City, Philippines, no study has been carried out about possible Salmonella contamination in raw meat and meat products retailed at the public market. Hence this study aimed to find out if the raw chicken meat at the city public market is contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. A total of 15 samples were collected comprising of drumsticks, thighs, and breasts from randomly selected five vending stalls. Standard microbiological analysis was performed for detecting Salmonella on the samples. Findings revealed that Salmonella were detected mostly in drumsticks and thighs but the bacterial counts were within the acceptable level with no-to-low risk of transmission. The findings of this study may be utilized to raise public awareness that may pave way to the development of any preventive program for bacteria contamination.

KEYWORDS: contamination, foodborne, infection, pathogens, poultry
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