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Describing the Risky Sexual Behavior of Unmarried Filipino Seafarers Residing in Ozamiz City and their Knowledge and Attitudes on HIV
Henrick G. Irog-irog2, Arnold B. Cabrera2, Marie Rosellynn C. Enguito2

Seafarers have been identified as a group at risk for HIV infection. There are no studies conducted yet that assess the seafarers residing in Ozamiz City regarding their sexual behaviors while abroad, their knowledge and attitudes on HIV that might put them at risk of HIV infection. With the increasing rate of HIV infection globally, it is timely and relevant to look into these concerns. Hence, this study aimed to describe the risky sexual behaviors of unmarried Filipino seafarers residing in the city and their knowledge and attitudes on HIV. The study is descriptive in design and the method employed was survey with questionnaire as the main tool used to gather the information aided with interview. Findings revealed that there are considerable number of unmarried seafarers in Ozamiz City that performed risky sexual behaviors while abroad with multiple sex partners. Misconceptions about HIV transmission and infection persist among the seafarers that could put them at risk of HIV infection. Majority of the seafarers possess positive attitude expressed in their acceptance for people living with HIV. The negative attitudes that persist among the seafarers include inconsistent use of condom with single or multiple sex partners. Findings of this study may fill the knowledge gap on the subject matter for necessary interventions.

KEYWORDS: abroad, condom, health, institutions, misconceptions
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