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Effects of Greywater on Seed Germination, Survival, and Early Growth of Capsicum annuum (Bell Pepper)
1Louella S. Degamon, 2Maylyn L. Eludo, 2Dennis P. Arubo

Water scarcity has become one of the global issues due to climate change and utilizing greywater to irrigate plants may save a significant amount of water. This study aimed to determine the effects of greywater on seed germination, survival, and early growth parameters of Capsicum annuum. Seeds were germinated in a petri dish filled with moist filter paper and kept in a dark laboratory condition. Bath greywater, kitchen greywater, laundry greywater, and tap water, as control, were used to water the seeds. Germination, survival rate, and early growth parameters were observed within 21 days. C. annuum seeds germinated quickly in four days. At a 0.05 level of significance, treatments differed significantly in germination percentage, germination rate index, and early development characteristics. Bath greywater had the highest germination percentage (100%), and the laundry greywater had the lowest percentage (97.5%). Regarding germination rate index, C. annuum treated with bath greywater records the highest (9.21%), and the laundry greywater records the lowest (6.22%). In terms of fresh weight, root length, and shoot length, bath greywater treatment recorded the highest, while the lowest was recorded in laundry and kitchen greywater. Bath greywater demonstrated a promising possibility to be reused as irrigation water for Capsicum annuum compared to other greywaters. Studies on ground elements and heavy metal properties of greywater are further conducted to determine their effects on the plant.

KEYWORDS: bath greywater, kitchen greywater, laundry greywater, root length, shoot length
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