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Evaluation of Street Food Vending in Ozamiz City
Nelfa D. Canini1, Jessie Jane O. Bala2, Evangeline N. Maraginot2, Bebs Catherine B. Mediana3

Food security in terms of adequate quantity and quality of food to lead a healthy life must be considered as the prime function of a food system. This study aimed to investigate the microbial quality of street-vended foods and the factors predisposing to their contamination. Interviews were conducted using a pre-tested questionnaire to collect data from 110 street vendors on their profile and hygiene practices. Standard methods were used for the enumeration of total bacterial counts and identification of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Examinations were made of 173 menu items, classified as snack foods, main dishes, sauces, and cold dishes. The microbial quality of most of the foods was within the acceptable limits (less than 5.0 log10 cfu/g), but samples of buko juices, fruit salads, burger bun with spaghetti, and pansit with pork had unacceptable levels of contamination with a total mean log cfu/g of 7.1, 7.0, 6.1, and 6.0 respectively. S. aureus was detected in 104 food samples (60.1%) and 69 contained E. coli (39.9 %). Time and temperature abuse, exposure of food to flies, and poor hygiene practices during preparation and serving were likely the risk factors for contamination. Vendors have to receive education and training on food hygiene to improve the safety of street foods in Ozamiz City and thereby heighten the safety of consumer.

KEYWORDS: bacteria, food contamination, food handling, food services, risk factors.
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