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Influence of Filipino Heroism on the Value Concepts of Grade 10 High School Students in Ozamiz City National High School
Jovannie E. Cabrera, Camille Jane Omandam, Nelfa D. Canini

Heroism refers to outstanding acts that display courage. It is possible only in rare circumstances and it requires a high level of moral character or competence. Countless acts of heroism went unnoticed or unrecorded. In most cases, local history is taken for granted. This study was conducted to determine the influence of Filipino heroism on the value concepts of Grade 10 high school students in Ozamiz City National High School. Descriptive research design was used in this study. One-hundred respondents coming from four different curricula in the said school were included in this study. Modified questionnaire was used to obtain the data. The findings revealed that Filipino heroism has high influence on Grade 10 high school students’ concept on nationalism while the acts of heroism exemplified by Filipino heroes have moderate influence on students’ value concepts of discipline, obedience, determination, and bravery. The perceptions of students on the influence of Filipino heroism on value concepts do not significantly vary when they are grouped by profile. This study may provide insights to academic institutions in promoting value concept of Filipino heroism.

KEYWORDS: bravery, determination, discipline, nationalism, obedience
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