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The Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (JMDS) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal which aims to publish biannually finest research articles in social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology and other subject areas. Submitted papers should describe original and previously unpublished works, not currently under review by another

JMDS provides a platform for dissemination of research findings, new research areas and techniques, conceptual developments and articles with practical applications and contribution to society.

Level of Curriculum Implementation in Public Preschools of Ozamiz City and Tangub City Divisions
Perlito D. Jomuad

Evaluation of early childhood education is important to the learning outcomes of preschoolers. This study assessed the level of curriculum implementation in public schools of Ozamiz City and Tangub City divisions. Misamis Occidental, Philippines in terms of physical, personal, personal social, cognitive, creative-aesthetic, and socio-emotional development activities of preschoolers. A researcher-constructed questionnaire was administered to 66 respondents drawn randomly from a population of 92 school teachers. Results showed that the teachers perceived some levels of effective implementation of the physical, cognitive, personal-social, and socio-emotional aspects of the early childhood education curriculum. Teachers were able to teach the preschoolers how to develop and take care of their physical bodies, relate themselves to others especially to classmates and teachers, develop their thinking skills through play and interaction, appreciate beauty and order, and adjust to school life and to the people around them. Relative to other development aspects of preschools, creative aesthetic development activities have to be given more attention by teachers. Class activities related to creativity, beauty and order have to be improved.

KEYWORDS: cognitive, creative-aesthetic, physical, preschoolers, teachers.
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