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JMDS provides a platform for dissemination of research findings, new research areas and techniques, conceptual developments and articles with practical applications and contribution to society.

Life Challenges Among the Street Children in Ozamiz City, Philippines
Korina Jean A. Dano, Marilyn B. Decena, Jay Ann Grace S. Nano, Eric T. Trabasas, Genevive R. Gordove

Th phenomenon of street children is a significant social problem. By knowing more about this marginalized population in the society may lead to finding some interventions and opportunities that would likely bring a better change to their lives. Hence, this study aimed to determine the life challenges among the street children in Ozamiz City, Philippines, giving more focus on their demographic profile, reasons why they leave home to stay on streets, their duration in streets and the socioeconomic activities they do, and their unpleasant experiences as street children. This study employed the descriptive design and survey method using questionnaire and interview. The participants were 20 street children regularly monitored by the City Social Welfare and Development. Findings revealed that most street children are boys within the 7-12 years age group and have experienced nonnormative adversities in life such as poverty, neglect, drop-out from school, and have chosen to stay in streets that are rich in resources where there are many people to beg and earn from. They leave home to live a life on streets because of peer influence, employment, and encouragement from parents and relatives. They have been street children for a long time already and have been bullied in streets and school. These findings can be utilized by the city government and other organizations to generate an effective means to reduce or eradicate the problem on street children in Ozamiz City.

KEYWORDS: adversities, employment, home, neglect, poverty
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