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Mentors Perception on the Preparedness of Student Teachers for Practice Teaching
Melba B. Rosales

The importance of adequately prepared student teachers calls the attention of the teacher-educators to equip the future teachers with sufficient and up-to- date knowledge of subject content, to have their skills in a full repertoire of instructional methodologies, and foster acceptable values and attitudes. Practice teaching is perceived as an important component in preparing a student towards becoming a teacher. Hence, this study determined the perception of mentors or cooperating teachers on the preparedness of the student teachers for practice teaching in elementary and secondary schools in the second district of Cagayan Valley, Philippines. This paper utilized the descriptive, evaluative design using a questionnaire to gather the data from 25 mentors. This study also determined the comments and suggestions of the mentors on the preparedness of the student teachers assigned to them. Overall results showed that the preparedness of student teachers was very satisfactory. Looking into the individual attribute evaluated, it is found that the preparedness of student teachers concerning teaching skills and strategies was only satisfactory. The personal and professional attributes and classroom management and evaluation were very satisfactory. The mentors also noted few issues to consider relevant to the success of practice teaching. The findings of this study may provide feedback not only to equip the future teachers with knowledge and skills but also to help enhance the delivery of instruction during practicums.

KEYWORDS: attribute, practicums, skills, strategies, teacher-educators
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