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Solid Waste Generation Rate in the Port of Ozamiz, Philippines
Marie Rosellynn C. Enguito and Victoria E. Matunog

Data on solid waste generation are useful in planning for collection, transportation and disposal systems of solid waste management. In Ozamiz City, solid waste generation rate of households, establishments, schools, and market was determined but there is no account on the generation rate of solid waste in the port area of the city. This study aimed to determine the solid waste generation rate in the Port of Ozamiz. Wastes from trash bins in the port and ships were collected at particular time of the day for three consecutive days using pre-weighed bags labeled as biodegradable (food, paper, green waste) and non-biodegradable wastes (glass, plastic, cans, metals, fabrics, clothes, construction waste, electrical appliances, fluorescent bulbs, medical waste) respectively. Daily average weight and the annual generation rate of the solid wastes collected were calculated. Results showed that the bulk of solid waste in the Port of Ozamiz is biodegradable comprised mostly of papers from offices. Plastic bottles have the highest quantity for the nonbiodegradable waste. The results of this study may be used as input to the environmental and waste management planners in crafting policies and programs and project development to address solid waste management concerns in the Port of Ozamiz.

KEYWORDS: biodegradable, disposal, nonbiodegradable, ships, trash
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