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Study Habit, Use of Library Resources and Students Achievement in English Language in Katsina State, Nigeria
Olufunke Omotoke Olatoye1 and Hajara Yakubu2

English language is made compulsory all through students’ educational career from primary to tertiary institution in Nigeria. This study investigated how study habit and use of library resources influence students’ achievement in English language in Katsina State. A total of 333 randomly selected students participated in the study. The Study Habit Questionnaire, Use of Library Resources Questionnaire, and English Language Achievement Test were the three instruments used to collect the data for this study. The two independent variables (use of library resources and study habit) accounted for 0.7% of the total variance in students’ achievement in English language (R2 = 0.007, P> 0.05). The influence of the two variables put together is not significant. However, there is a significant positive relationship between study habit and use of library resources (r = + 0.632, P< 0.05). There is no significant difference between male and female students’ in use of library resources, study habit and English Achievement (t = - 1.431, -.370 and 1.146 respectively, P> 0.05).

KEYWORDS: educational, institution, primary, tertiary, variables
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