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The Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (JMDS) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal which aims to publish biannually finest research articles in social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology and other subject areas. Submitted papers should describe original and previously unpublished works, not currently under review by another

JMDS provides a platform for dissemination of research findings, new research areas and techniques, conceptual developments and articles with practical applications and contribution to society.

System of Checks and Balances in the Philippine Presidential Form of Government
April Farell M. Relacion1, Grace C. Magalzo2

The dominance of any branch of the Philippine government is a threat to both principle of separation of powers and independence of each body which may lead to a constitutional crisis. Several studies pointed out the existence of executive supremacy, but a comprehensive study on how each branch interacts with other branches has not been delved into. This study analyzed the system of checks and balances as practiced by the three main branches of government in the post-EDSA period under the 1987 Constitution. A data mining approach was employed to analyze the political dynamics of the main governmental branches. The findings revealed that the system of checks and balances is ill-practiced in the Philippine presidential form of government resulting to the existence of executive supremacy. This hyperpresidentialism was a result of the political patronage and strong executive influence exercised by the president. This study will suffice the need to ensure accountability and balance of power among the main branches of government.

KEYWORDS: accountability, hyperpresidentialism, patronage, power, supremacy
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