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Relationship Between Academic Staff Job Satisfaction and Goal Achievement in Private Universities in South-West, Nigeria
Adedayo Yusuf Abdulkareem 1 , Mustapha Adam Ishola 2 , Yusuf Suleiman 3

Academic staff job satisfaction is indispensable in the actualization of university goals. Thus, the study examined academic staff job satisfaction and goal achievement in private Universities in South-west, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive research design of the correlation type. Purposive sampling was used to select three out of the six States in the geopolitical Zone and 10 out of the 23 private universities. The proportional sampling technique was used to select 565 out of the 1,130 academic staff in the institutions, while 200 employers of labor were chosen randomly. "Academic Staff Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (ASJSQ)" and Goal Achievement Questionnaire (GAQ)" were used to collect data for the study. The instruments were validated and subjected to reliability tests, while reliability coefficients of .85 and .73 were obtained for ASJSQ and GAQ, respectively. Pearson product-moment correlation statistical method was used to test the hypotheses formulated at .05 level of significance. The study's findings revealed a significant relationship between academic staff job satisfaction and goal achievement in private universities in South-West, Nigeria (r = .66, p< .05). The study concluded that academic staff job satisfaction is a crucial factor that enhances staff productivity and facilitates goal achievement of private universities in South-west, Nigeria. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended, among others, that prominence should be given to stimulate the work environment to boost academic staff morale, thereby facilitating the attainment of university goals.

KEYWORDS: Job Satisfaction, Goal Achievement, Private Universities, Nigeria
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