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Responses of Vendors on Trust Issues Arising from Online Selling
Celso P. Haganus Jr., Chilzien Babe B. Huring, Donn Kleint B. Caballero, Kelly Chris E. Cano, Niel G. Abing, Gilda L. Ilusorio

Trust is an essential element in the growing online marketing industry, however, it is difficult to establish due to lack of physical interaction. Online vendors need to overcome this concern and encourage site visitors to pursue the purchase of products. Thus, this study determined the trust issues and how online sellers handled them. The study employed the descriptive research design through survey method using a validated researcher-made questionnaire. Data gathering also included an interview with an open-ended question. The 100 respondents were selected from 260 population of registered online sellers in the area with 90% level of confidence. Frequency and weighted mean were used for data analysis. Results showed that common trust issues encountered by the online sellers in the area included accusation as a scammer, perception of having low credibility, doubts for using advance payment method, doubts about product quality, and rumor about the credibility of the vendor. Most of the respondents used the proof of transactions to reverse the effect of trust issues. These results may help the online sellers to handle trust issues by formulating effective strategies to overcome the adverse problems with the online business.

KEYWORDS: business, buyers, credibility, interaction, purchase
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