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The Profiles of Abused Children in Ozamiz City, Philippines
Lovely Jane Agot, Emarin Buenbrazo, Sheila Mae Dumanjog, Anthony L. Awa

Despite its importance and impact to the society and well-being of children, the issue of child abuse in the Philippines is still not studied intensively. It has been observed that street children in Ozamiz City are increasing in number. The purpose of this study was to describe the profile of children in the area experiencing abuse. Specifically, this study aimed to determine the social profile of the abused children and the circumstances related to the abuse they experienced. Documentary analysis was carried out to obtain records of child abuse from the City Social Welfare and Development office. Records showed that children experiencing abuse were mostly between 9-12 years old, male and drop-outs from school with low-level education. They belonged to a large household size living in crowded urban localities with parents having low income. Abused children still exhibited high educational or career aspirations. These children were either abandoned, neglected, physically, or sexually abused. Majority of the sexual abuse cases occurred once and outside the house of the victim with neighbor as the alleged perpetrator. The findings of this study are useful for possible interventions by professionals, organizations, and academic institutions in Ozamiz City.

KEYWORDS: abandoned, drop-outs, income, perpetrator, sexual
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